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Hi! My name is Odette. My husband Alan and I are the parents of an adorable 12-year old French Bulldog named Dottie and the guardians of Alan’s mother, Carolyn, who suffers from mild dementia. Sometimes life gets a bit stressful, juggling our lives with caregiving responsibilities and often being in a new place, far away from friends and family. I started this blog as a way to count my blessings, of which I know I have many, but sometimes forget.

I have 10+ years experience teaching computer skills. My students have included novices who have never turned on a computer, seniors who want to join the technical age, experienced users who need to learn the tricks to becoming a Microsoft Office power user. If you live in the Lompoc, CA area and are interested in private tutoring, feel free to contact me at aobradshawsheeley@comcast.net.


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