Feeling Like A Scout – We Are Prepared!

The other day, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a package in the mail. I hadn’t ordered anything and it wasn’t my birthday or any other holiday. I saw that it was from my sister-in-law (I’ll call her SIL), but that didn’t give me any clues as to the content. I really couldn’t imagine what it could be!

2015-02-04 08.53.53

I’d like to tell you that I patiently went through the rest of the mail, distributing each item to the appropriate household member, paying the bills, disposing of the junk mail, but that would be a lie. I ripped that sucker open as soon as I got it in the house!

2015-02-04 08.54.17

What a bounty of fun! SIL had thoughtfully supplied an ultimate road trip package for us to use while exploring our new home state. She put in guidebooks for Northern and Southern California, along with a California state map. Wish we’d had these when we were on the PCH in the dark without a GPS to tell us how much farther we had to go!

2015-02-04 08.57.56

The treasure box included snacks that were perfect for nibbling on while cruising the highways and byways. Granola bars, trail mix, mixed nuts, olives, Lifesavers and Cracker Jacks! OK – I know there’s only one box of Cracker Jacks in the picture. There were three originally, but we had to sample the wares!

2015-02-04 08.58.43

Finally, tucked in the bottom of the box was a little LED flashlight. A dozen uses for this little light immediately sprang to my mind – trying to see the map when that stupid dome light isn’t bright enough, finding a phone number on my cell phone when the battery’s dying and the backlight is dimmed, getting the bright idea to explore that trail on the side of the road just before dusk. You know, all the usual crazy things that might come up on a road trip – LOL!

2015-02-04 08.54.53

I wish that I had the words to express just how much the thoughtfulness of this box touched my hubby and I. As exciting as it is to be in a new place, discovering new things and meeting new people, we can’t help but miss our family. It is AWESOME to know that they are thinking of us too! Can’t wait for them to come visit and let us share what we’ve found here. We have the provisions for the trip!

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