Let’s Go to the Movie, Movie, Movie, Movie!

For the past year and half or so, my husband and I have been caring for my elderly mother-in-law. Much like having a child, these circumstances severely limit spontaneity. However, the situation recently changed when she moved into a place where she can have round the clock supervision and care.

This weekend, faced with a whole day with no obligations, we looked at each other and marveled at all the possibilities available to us. We could go to the beach! We could go hiking! We could wander about the mall, visit a museum, find a festival or fair to enjoy! So many things!

Of all the marvelous things we could have done, we decided to go to the movies. Silly, huh? But, there were several times when we really wanted to go to a matinee, but because we had to get home by a certain time, we couldn’t. Or, by the time we paid a respite care person to give us a break to go out to dinner, it was hard to justify paying for a couple extra hours to go to a movie. So, we hadn’t gone for a while.

So, we went to the movies. Not one – no. Not two – oh, no! Four of them! In a row! I know it was nuts, but once we started trying to decide what we wanted to see, we realized we wanted to see every one of the movies that were playing at our local theater. So we made a plan in what order we were going to see them and headed out.

Things didn’t work out exactly as we planned. We thought we’d have hot dogs or pizza from the concession stand for dinner between movies, but our small theater doesn’t sell those things. We made do with lots of popcorn and soda. Sitting for all those hours definitely took its toll on our “not getting any younger” joints – and backs and bones and butts!

In the end, however, it was so much fun! The employees all got involved, checking with us between movies to see what we were seeing next, checking to see if we were okay, helping us to the best deal on our snacks, and just generally sharing in our adventure. We enjoyed every movie we saw and movie theater popcorn is always a treat. Would we do it again? No, probably not. But, it did bring back childhood memories, allowed us to celebrate having some breathing room again, and just laugh at the pure silliness of it! And sometimes that’s all you need to keep going. Awesome!

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